The Pros and Cons of Chain Link Fence

Chain link fence is prominent as one of the strongest fencing options. Indeed, compared with wooden fencing, the fence made from chain link can last longer. However, longevity can only be achieved with proper maintenance. If you are now considering having chain link fence as the main fence of your house or as the fence your garden, you need to know the basic knowledge of this types of fence. Let’s start with the pros and cons. Down below, you will read some of the pros and cons of using chain link fence.

  1. The Pros of Chain Link Fencing

Chain link is popular as fencing option because there are so many good things about this type of fence. Basically, the fence is economical solution for those with limited budget and for those who do not want to spend a dime for maintenance. The more detailed information about the pros or the good things about chain link for fence can be read down below.

  • Very Affordable

Having a large yard or large garden will cost people a lot of money to surround the area with fence. However, by using chain link for fence, you do not need to worry about the budget. This kind of fence is very cost effective when it comes to cover larger area. The fence usually comes in rolls and can be bought with low price. The chain link fence cost, which is very affordable almost everywhere in the nation, is not going to drain your saving and yet still providing you with great strength of security.

  • Easy to Get

Besides being affordable, the chain link for fence can be bought easily as well. The chain link rolls are available in every hardware store. The chain link fence supplies, for DIY purpose, are also sold almost anywhere. If you want to make the fence fancier, the chain link fence accessories are not hard to get as well. This availability makes everyone has access to the fence, whether they live in the downtown or in the countryside. That is why the chain link is common to be seen basically anywhere.

  • Quick Installation

Chain link is unlike other types of fences. It already comes in rolls, sometimes in the form of chain link fence slats, and basically ready to use. Many people do not even need the help of professionals to put the fence to use. The post-installation procedure is also very simple and even nonexistent. It is because the fence made of chain link is designed to be used just the way it is. No cleaning or painting required after the installation. This is why the chain link fence installation cost is very little.

  • Low Maintenance

As stated before, after the chain link fence installation, maintenance is not heavily required. Yes, chain link for fence provides fencing option with low maintenance. The main material forming the chain link is metal wire. The wire is already underwent chemical process in the manufacturing to keep them from rust. That is why no additional coating or paint needed to prolong the life of the fence. If the fence is dirty because of grass and dirt from the ground, cleaning the fence will only require a bit of wash and wax. It will look brand new again in no time at all.

  • Better Safety and Security

Using the chain link fence gate provides safety and security at its finest. The chain-link fence is sturdy because it is made from steel wires. The wires are easily attached to the chain-link fence post planted in the ground to make the entire fencing system even sturdier. The fence is not easy to damage and strong enough to contains pets and children in the yards. That is why when it comes to safety and security, chain link for the fence is a better option than the rest types of fences.

  • Numerous Options of Appearance

The variety of chain link is quite numerous, thus widening the appearance options of the fence. The chain link fence can come in the color-coated option to make it more appealing. If you love the natural grayish-silvery steel color, you can coat the fence with translucent paint in order to make it glossier. The fence’s appearance can also be upgraded by adding wooden rails and wooden post, known as the California style. Chain link also comes in vinyl or PVC coat to gives it better look as well as keep the rust away.

  • Great Durability

It is quite obvious that fences made of chain link are considered to be extremely durable. Besides of that, they are also extremely adaptable to be used, even in area with extreme weather. When you use fences made of wooden panels, there will be staining required every a couple of years to prevent the wood from eventual rotting. With chain link, the fence will be more durable because the fence is made of steel. The chain link fence panels are less likely to be destroyed by extreme weather.

  • The Cons of Chain Link Fencing

Now you probably cannot wait to find out how to install chain link fence. However, you also need to know the cons of using this type of fence as well. That way, you will have a fair judgment about the fence because you have seen the bright side and the dark side. Below are the cons of chain link fencing.

  • The Risk of Being Climbed Over

One of the biggest disappointments when it comes to chain link is its height. The most common height for the fence is 4 feet. You can, of course, make it higher but it will require further procedures and more complicated installation. Because of the relatively low height, the fence can be easily climbed over. In order to prevent the fence from being climbed over is to give additional chain link fence parts, such as barbed wire, on the top of the fence. However, again, it needs more complicated installation.

  • Not-So-Sophisticated Appearance

Many homeowners, especially those owning fancy houses, sometimes resist the usage of chain link. It is because chain link fence kit does not fit the appearance of fancy, sophisticated houses. The regular fence made of chain link looks rustic, with the grayish color and rugged look. Even when the fence is styled with PVC coating or with wooden posts, the first impression of the fence is still rustic, instead of sophisticated.

  • Lack of Privacy

Unlike the wooden or metal panels, chain link is a see-through fence. You can still clearly see what happens on the other side of the fence. That is why this type of fence is not the greatest when it comes to privacy. In fact, the chain link fence privacy is very low. If you use this type of fence in the yard, people passing down the street can still see your house clearly. To keep away the prying eyes of strangers, adding chain link fence privacy slats is probably a good solution.

Those are everything you need to know about chain link fencing. Indeed, the fence has its own pros and cons. All you need to do is consider them all carefully before eventually selecting chain link fence as the way to give barrier to your property.

Garden Fence

Garden Fence: Every Details That You Need to Know

Garden fence is absolutely needed when you have a garden on your backyard. A garden, whether it is a flower garden, herb garden, fruit garden, and so on, needs to be protected. One of the best ways to protect your garden is by installing fence around it. Below is the information about garden fence that you need to know. If you have a garden at home, the information below is going to be totally helpful for you.

  1. Why Fencing Your Garden is Necessary?

Installing garden fence panels around your garden is essential. Without being surrounded by fence, your garden can be easily invaded by uninvited guests, such as wild animals. A garden without fence does not have any boundaries as well. It can make people think that the garden is open for public. To avoid those horrors, make sure you understand the necessity of fencing your garden as described down below.

  • The Aesthetic Purpose

A lot of people keep a garden in their property to increase the beauty of the house. This aesthetic purpose is definitely going to be well-achieved if the garden is surrounded by pretty fence. Garden fence can be made from many materials. They can be designed beautifully and thus adding more aesthetic value to the garden. If your purpose in keeping a garden is making your house more beautiful, you really need to fence the garden with beautiful decorative garden fencing as well.

  • Security Reason

Any fence in general has security purpose. Fence acts like a barrier to keep unwanted guests away. In the case of fence in the garden, the garden border fence can provide security against strangers. With the fence, strangers will not easily entering the garden without the owner’s permission. If you have small children or there are plenty of neighbor’s kids around you, the fence around the garden will keep them away from messing up with the plants.

  • Preventing Animals from Entering the Garden

One of the greatest motivations for people to use fence around the garden is to keep animals away. Whether it’s your pet from inside the house or wild creatures from nearby forest, they can all ruin the plants in the garden. Dogs, squirrels, rabbits, woodchucks, to name a few, are going to swarm the garden easily when the garden is without fence. That is why garden wire fencing or other kinds of fence is needed to keep them away.

  • Keeping Climbing Plants

If you have a garden with plenty of climbing plants in it, such as jasmine, honey suckle, climbing rose, ivy, and so on, keeping a fence around the garden is a must. The fence is going to be the only media for the plants to grow. This idea is actually perfect for those with small garden. Even the small garden fence around that petite garden will be decorated naturally by the climbing plants. It will provide incredibly pretty scenery for sure.

  • The Right Garden Fence to Choose

There are numerous materials that can be used as garden fence. However, not every single one of them is going to be fit perfectly. That is why choosing the right material is important to give you the right garden fence. Below you will read some of the best types of fence for garden made from wide array of materials. You can choose which one fits your need the most.

  • Wooden Fencing

Wooden fence is the best choice for garden fence. Wood is easy to get, cheap to buy, and basically very versatile. Wood looks natural as well thus matching the entire scenery of the garden. Horizontal or vertical strips of wood can be assembled easily to make DIY garden fence. However, for outdoor usage like in the garden, you need to prolong the life of the wooden panels on the fence by giving them a layer of waterproof coating. That way, the wooden fence in the garden will be more durable.

  • Chain-Link Fencing

For those with limited budget, chain-link fencing is suitable to enclose the garden. This kind of fence is made of sturdy steel and sometimes coated by vinyl or PVC. Chain-link fencing is effective to keep uninvited creatures away or to restrict pets and small children from the garden. The fence can be bought in rolls and the installation is quite easy as well. The fence is practical and thus it lacks of sophistication on the appearance. However, it is more than enough to be used as fruit or vegetable garden fence because it can keep wild creatures away.

  • Electric Fencing

One of the extreme garden fence ideas is using electric fencing. This kind of fencing system is usually used to keep livestock so that they won’t wander around. However, electric fence can also be used to keep your garden safe, considering that they have low-output chargers. If you want to use this kind of fence for your garden, place a noticeable warning on the fence so that the fence won’t endanger anyone. If the area around your garden is normally visited by small children, this electric fence is probably not a good idea.

  • Plastic Fencing

When you do not know how to build a garden fence, buying the simplest kind of fence is probably a good idea. The simplest kind of fence for garden that you can buy in the market is the one made of plastic. Plastic garden fencing is very light, easy to assemble, and cheap. This is a good fencing idea, especially for temporary garden. However, if you want to use plastic fence for a long time, you will not get satisfied as plastic tends to break down quite easily, especially in outdoor.

  • Metal Fencing

The sturdiest material for garden fencing is metal. Metal garden fencing provides permanent protection for your garden against unwanted events and uninvited guests. Metal fencing is also very grand. They can be designed and decorated regally to achieve beautiful appearance. That is why to increase the beauty of the garden as well as keep the garden safe, metal panels should be the choice.

Now that you know the reasons why fencing your garden is important and what kind of fence suggested to be used in the garden, you can simply enhance the beauty and security of your garden by adding fence. By having garden fence, you can enjoy the great scenery of your garden for longer time.

Everything You Need to Know about Vinyl Fence

Everything You Need to Know about Vinyl Fence

Vinyl fence is one of the most popular fencing systems around the world. Numerous homeowners are using vinyl as the material of the fence because this kind of material can give a lot of benefits. Below is the further information about vinyl or PVC fencing system, including its advantages and the styles of the fence.

  1. The Advantages of Using Vinyl Fences

Vinyl fence is considered as one of the most preferred fencing system, especially for residential purpose, because of its numerous advantages. Every homeowner surely wants fencing system with great function as well as great look. Vinyl fencing system can surely deliver all of them. Some of the best advantages of vinyl fence can be found down below.

  • They are Affordable

Using vinyl as the material of the fence is a great decision, especially for those with limited budget. Vinyl fencing is way cheaper compared to wooden fencing or iron fencing. Vinyl or PVC is easily and industrially manufactured. That is why the price is very affordable. The homeowner using vinyl fence gate also does not need to provide more money for the maintenance cost. There will be no need to buy more paint or primer to keep the vinyl fence looks great.

  • They are Low Maintenance

Vinyl is a durable material. This is the reason why the maintenance of vinyl fencing is also considered to be very low. Once the fence is installed, there will be very little thing to do related to its upkeep. Repainting is not necessary to keep the vinyl fence colors bright as the original color of the fence never fades. Vinyl is not going to rust as well, making the usage of primer also unnecessary. The only thing to do to care the fence is washing the fence with warm soapy water every once in a while to keep the white vinyl fence free from noticeable dirt.

  • They are More Durable

Longevity and durability are major advantages of vinyl fencing system. Indeed, vinyl fence panels are sturdy and flexible, making it lasts for a long time. The material is also stronger to face extreme weather. It will not break down in high heat, strong wind, and even in freezing temperature. Vinyl fence also has small possibility to collapse in storm. That is why this kind of material is perfect for those living in an area with extreme weather.

  • They are Eco-Friendly

The main component of vinyl is basically natural gas. It makes the material eco-friendly and recyclable. People can use the vinyl fence as long as possible and recycle the fence when they want to replace the fence with a new one. The panels on the vinyl fencing are not going to waste at all. This material is also non-toxic for sure, making it safe for children and everyone else in the family. That is why homeowners with small children do not need to worry about their children playing around the vinyl fence rails.

  • They are Easy to Install

Vinyl fence installation can be done in shorter time with fewer tools as well. Compared to wooden fencing system, this fence made of vinyl or PVC is way simpler on the installation. People do not need the help of professionals to assemble the fence. No brackets or screws are required to assemble the fence. Most vinyl fencing systems are pre-packaged from the manufacturer for easy installation. This is the reason why the battle between vinyl vs wood fence is easily won by vinyl when it comes to the installation.

  • They are Available in Different Colors

Vinyl fences provides wide array of appearance choices. People can choose many colors of the fence without having to paint it. There is a variety of colors for the fence, including white, brown vinyl fence, or even black vinyl fence. It can be matched easily with the color scheme of the house. When the color scheme of the house is changed, the fence can easily replaced as well to match the color of the house.

  • The Types of Vinyl Fencing Styles

There are three basic styles when it comes to vinyl fencing system.  They are the shadowbox style, the privacy style, and the picket style. These styles are usually applied for the preassembled panels of the fence. Below is the detailed explanation about each of the vinyl fencing styles.

  • Shadowbox Style

Shadowbox style of vinyl fencing uses tall panels. The panels are usually taller than 6 feet. It also uses alternating panels across the both sides of the fence, making the inner side and the outer side of the fence look similar. This kind of vinyl fencing style is great for a big property or big house with large backyard and massive. The house should be at least two stories high to make sure that the house is still visible behind the tall fence.

  • Privacy Style

Privacy style vinyl fence is one of the most common style adopted by homeowners. This style of vinyl fencing, as the name suggests, gives excellent privacy for the homeowners. The panels of the fence can conceal the house from the roadway as the panels are around 4 feet or more. This style of vinyl fencing is grand and regal. That is why most vinyl fencing with privacy styles are completed by decorative latticework, commonly placed on the top of the fence.

  • Picket Style

Picket style is shorter than the other two vinyl fencing styles. It is usually less than 4 feet tall and does not resemble panels. It does not block the surrounding view entirely. However, it is still great to keep the pets or children in the yard. Picket style is famous to be used in southern-styled house. It gives rustic and beautiful look to the yard. Those are the things that people need to know about vinyl fence. Vinyl is indeed a useful material to be turned into fence. That is why this material should be every homeowner’s choice. However, if someone does not feel like using an entirely vinyl fence, they can use the vinyl or PVC to coat wooden panels or chain link fence, creating vinyl coated chain link fence, which is also great to make boundaries on the yard, just like vinyl fence.

Fence Gate at Home: Its Importance and Its Various Types

Fence Gate at Home: Its Importance and Its Various Types

Fence gate is one of the parts of the house that often taken for granted. Homeowners prefer to pay their attentions to other parts of the house they consider to be more important. However, the fence or the gate is actually the first thing that people see from a house. That is why the upright structure is quite essential for a property. Down below is the explanation about the importance of having fence gate at home along with the explanation of its various types.

  1. The Importance of Having Gate and Fence at Home

Even though gates and also fences are often forgotten, they are still important. Basically, the structure is going to give barrier to enclose the property. If a house with vast yard does not use the help of a fence or gate, there will be difficulties to maintain the safety of the homeowner and the rest of the family. Below is the further explanation about the importance of having gate and fence at home.

  • Keeping the Kids Safe

Installing fence or gate at home is a must when the homeowner or anyone living in the house has small children. It is believed that small children do not care at all about boundaries, especially when they are playing in vast space, such as in the yard. To keep the children safe from running uncontrollably to the street, a fence or gate system is definitely needed. They will prevent the children from unwanted events such as getting hit by passing cars or running away to the streets.

  • Containing the Pets

It is quite common for a family to have pets. Pets are surely cute and entertaining for the entire family. However, not everyone is pet-person. If someone does not like pets, such as dogs or cats, they will not be happy to have their neighbor’s pets wandering around their property. This is why any family with pets needs to make sure that their pets does not wander around or run out onto the streets or onto the neighbor’s property. This is where putting up a fence gate is necessary. It is a great way to give boundaries to the pets so that they are contained at home.

  • Increasing Homeowner’s Privacy and Security

A lot of people love great privacy. To get privacy at home, it seems essential for a fence or gate to be installed. Solid panels on the edge of the yard will provide a barrier so that strangers cannot see through the house quite easily. Besides providing better privacy, the gates and fences also provide better security for sure, especially when it comes to lockable fences or gates. Robbers will have to think twice to swarm the property when it has tall barrier with a lock on it. The house will also be more secure when sliding fence gate is in use. This type of fence and gate requires a particular system, such as key card or PIN, to open and close it. It will surely increase the security system of the house.

  • Raising the Value of the Property

One of the reasons why numerous people want to know how to make fences or gates is because the structure raises the value of the house. The physical appearance of a house is going to define its value. When a house is completed by complementary structure like the gates and fences, the appeal of the house is going to be much better. Of course, the value of the house is going to increase as well. This is the reason why numerous elite houses are completed by fences and gates. Sometimes even the gates and fences are beautifully decorated. By doing so, the homeowner is providing better value for the property.

  • The Types of Fence Gates

Now it is quite obvious that having fences or gates at home is essential. However, before thinking about how to build any fence or gate, it is better for anyone to understand properly about the types of fence gate. By understanding properly about that particular area, choosing the right types of fence gate for their property and purpose will be easier. Below is the more detailed information about the types of fence gates.

  • Wooden Fence Gates

Wooden fence gate is probably the most common type of fence or gate. Wood fence gate can be found anywhere, not necessarily in rural area or countryside. Using wood as the material for the fence or the gate provides beautiful upright structure for the property. Wood is also great to give rustic look for the house. Many people love using wood when it comes to fence and gate because wooden fences and gates are affordable and more importantly, they are considered low maintenance. For those looking for privacy, wooden fences and gates are also excellent because the board wooden panels can be used easily as privacy fence gate.

  • Vinyl Fence Gates

Vinyl fence gate is the best choice when a homeowner is looking for a solid barrier with easy upkeep. Vinyl is such a versatile and strong material. When vinyl is used to make fence, it will give bright-colored barrier for the yard or lawn. Vinyl fence is best to use when the homeowner does not want to worry about the maintenance of the fence. Vinyl does not rot and rust, making it incredibly durable. It is also easy to clean and basically free from mold and stubborn dirt.

  • Metal Fence Gates

Besides wood panels and vinyl, metal is also a popular material to build a fence and gate. Metal is used mostly to build gate. The material is obviously sturdy and less likely to break down easily. The only thing to worry about metal fence gate is probably its appearance. Metal is not easy to decorate and thus providing limited design for the gates or fences. It also happens to iron fence gate. They are incredibly strong, yet quite difficult to make them look fancy.

  • Chain Link Fence Gates

One of the most affordable materials to make fences or gates is the chain link. When it comes to the aesthetic area, this type of material will not provide fancy-looking fence or gate, as it is very simple and practical. However, chain link fence gate is quite sturdy and easy on the upkeep. It is perfect for those who are looking for simple barrier system for the lawn.

  • Aluminum Fence Gates

Aluminum fence gate is probably the simplest type of fence and gate to assemble. Aluminum is quite light but sturdy. It also comes in different colors and style. Most of the pre-assembled fences and gates sold at stores are aluminum ones. It is a great choice for homeowners looking for simple fence and gate system to install.

For homeowners whose properties have not yet completed by fence or gate to this day, those explanations above will probably change their minds. Considering that there are plenty importance of having fence and gate at home, it is probably a good time to march to get fence gate hardware in order to install fence gate on the property.