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Garden Fence: Every Details That You Need to Know

Garden fence is absolutely needed when you have a garden on your backyard. A garden, whether it is a flower garden, herb garden, fruit garden, and so on, needs to be protected. One of the best ways to protect your garden is by installing fence around it. Below is the information about garden fence that you need to know. If you have a garden at home, the information below is going to be totally helpful for you.

  1. Why Fencing Your Garden is Necessary?

Installing garden fence panels around your garden is essential. Without being surrounded by fence, your garden can be easily invaded by uninvited guests, such as wild animals. A garden without fence does not have any boundaries as well. It can make people think that the garden is open for public. To avoid those horrors, make sure you understand the necessity of fencing your garden as described down below.

  • The Aesthetic Purpose

A lot of people keep a garden in their property to increase the beauty of the house. This aesthetic purpose is definitely going to be well-achieved if the garden is surrounded by pretty fence. Garden fence can be made from many materials. They can be designed beautifully and thus adding more aesthetic value to the garden. If your purpose in keeping a garden is making your house more beautiful, you really need to fence the garden with beautiful decorative garden fencing as well.

  • Security Reason

Any fence in general has security purpose. Fence acts like a barrier to keep unwanted guests away. In the case of fence in the garden, the garden border fence can provide security against strangers. With the fence, strangers will not easily entering the garden without the owner’s permission. If you have small children or there are plenty of neighbor’s kids around you, the fence around the garden will keep them away from messing up with the plants.

  • Preventing Animals from Entering the Garden

One of the greatest motivations for people to use fence around the garden is to keep animals away. Whether it’s your pet from inside the house or wild creatures from nearby forest, they can all ruin the plants in the garden. Dogs, squirrels, rabbits, woodchucks, to name a few, are going to swarm the garden easily when the garden is without fence. That is why garden wire fencing or other kinds of fence is needed to keep them away.

  • Keeping Climbing Plants

If you have a garden with plenty of climbing plants in it, such as jasmine, honey suckle, climbing rose, ivy, and so on, keeping a fence around the garden is a must. The fence is going to be the only media for the plants to grow. This idea is actually perfect for those with small garden. Even the small garden fence around that petite garden will be decorated naturally by the climbing plants. It will provide incredibly pretty scenery for sure.

  • The Right Garden Fence to Choose

There are numerous materials that can be used as garden fence. However, not every single one of them is going to be fit perfectly. That is why choosing the right material is important to give you the right garden fence. Below you will read some of the best types of fence for garden made from wide array of materials. You can choose which one fits your need the most.

  • Wooden Fencing

Wooden fence is the best choice for garden fence. Wood is easy to get, cheap to buy, and basically very versatile. Wood looks natural as well thus matching the entire scenery of the garden. Horizontal or vertical strips of wood can be assembled easily to make DIY garden fence. However, for outdoor usage like in the garden, you need to prolong the life of the wooden panels on the fence by giving them a layer of waterproof coating. That way, the wooden fence in the garden will be more durable.

  • Chain-Link Fencing

For those with limited budget, chain-link fencing is suitable to enclose the garden. This kind of fence is made of sturdy steel and sometimes coated by vinyl or PVC. Chain-link fencing is effective to keep uninvited creatures away or to restrict pets and small children from the garden. The fence can be bought in rolls and the installation is quite easy as well. The fence is practical and thus it lacks of sophistication on the appearance. However, it is more than enough to be used as fruit or vegetable garden fence because it can keep wild creatures away.

  • Electric Fencing

One of the extreme garden fence ideas is using electric fencing. This kind of fencing system is usually used to keep livestock so that they won’t wander around. However, electric fence can also be used to keep your garden safe, considering that they have low-output chargers. If you want to use this kind of fence for your garden, place a noticeable warning on the fence so that the fence won’t endanger anyone. If the area around your garden is normally visited by small children, this electric fence is probably not a good idea.

  • Plastic Fencing

When you do not know how to build a garden fence, buying the simplest kind of fence is probably a good idea. The simplest kind of fence for garden that you can buy in the market is the one made of plastic. Plastic garden fencing is very light, easy to assemble, and cheap. This is a good fencing idea, especially for temporary garden. However, if you want to use plastic fence for a long time, you will not get satisfied as plastic tends to break down quite easily, especially in outdoor.

  • Metal Fencing

The sturdiest material for garden fencing is metal. Metal garden fencing provides permanent protection for your garden against unwanted events and uninvited guests. Metal fencing is also very grand. They can be designed and decorated regally to achieve beautiful appearance. That is why to increase the beauty of the garden as well as keep the garden safe, metal panels should be the choice.

Now that you know the reasons why fencing your garden is important and what kind of fence suggested to be used in the garden, you can simply enhance the beauty and security of your garden by adding fence. By having garden fence, you can enjoy the great scenery of your garden for longer time.

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