Everything You Need to Know about Vinyl Fence

Everything You Need to Know about Vinyl Fence

Vinyl fence is one of the most popular fencing systems around the world. Numerous homeowners are using vinyl as the material of the fence because this kind of material can give a lot of benefits. Below is the further information about vinyl or PVC fencing system, including its advantages and the styles of the fence.

  1. The Advantages of Using Vinyl Fences

Vinyl fence is considered as one of the most preferred fencing system, especially for residential purpose, because of its numerous advantages. Every homeowner surely wants fencing system with great function as well as great look. Vinyl fencing system can surely deliver all of them. Some of the best advantages of vinyl fence can be found down below.

  • They are Affordable

Using vinyl as the material of the fence is a great decision, especially for those with limited budget. Vinyl fencing is way cheaper compared to wooden fencing or iron fencing. Vinyl or PVC is easily and industrially manufactured. That is why the price is very affordable. The homeowner using vinyl fence gate also does not need to provide more money for the maintenance cost. There will be no need to buy more paint or primer to keep the vinyl fence looks great.

  • They are Low Maintenance

Vinyl is a durable material. This is the reason why the maintenance of vinyl fencing is also considered to be very low. Once the fence is installed, there will be very little thing to do related to its upkeep. Repainting is not necessary to keep the vinyl fence colors bright as the original color of the fence never fades. Vinyl is not going to rust as well, making the usage of primer also unnecessary. The only thing to do to care the fence is washing the fence with warm soapy water every once in a while to keep the white vinyl fence free from noticeable dirt.

  • They are More Durable

Longevity and durability are major advantages of vinyl fencing system. Indeed, vinyl fence panels are sturdy and flexible, making it lasts for a long time. The material is also stronger to face extreme weather. It will not break down in high heat, strong wind, and even in freezing temperature. Vinyl fence also has small possibility to collapse in storm. That is why this kind of material is perfect for those living in an area with extreme weather.

  • They are Eco-Friendly

The main component of vinyl is basically natural gas. It makes the material eco-friendly and recyclable. People can use the vinyl fence as long as possible and recycle the fence when they want to replace the fence with a new one. The panels on the vinyl fencing are not going to waste at all. This material is also non-toxic for sure, making it safe for children and everyone else in the family. That is why homeowners with small children do not need to worry about their children playing around the vinyl fence rails.

  • They are Easy to Install

Vinyl fence installation can be done in shorter time with fewer tools as well. Compared to wooden fencing system, this fence made of vinyl or PVC is way simpler on the installation. People do not need the help of professionals to assemble the fence. No brackets or screws are required to assemble the fence. Most vinyl fencing systems are pre-packaged from the manufacturer for easy installation. This is the reason why the battle between vinyl vs wood fence is easily won by vinyl when it comes to the installation.

  • They are Available in Different Colors

Vinyl fences provides wide array of appearance choices. People can choose many colors of the fence without having to paint it. There is a variety of colors for the fence, including white, brown vinyl fence, or even black vinyl fence. It can be matched easily with the color scheme of the house. When the color scheme of the house is changed, the fence can easily replaced as well to match the color of the house.

  • The Types of Vinyl Fencing Styles

There are three basic styles when it comes to vinyl fencing system.  They are the shadowbox style, the privacy style, and the picket style. These styles are usually applied for the preassembled panels of the fence. Below is the detailed explanation about each of the vinyl fencing styles.

  • Shadowbox Style

Shadowbox style of vinyl fencing uses tall panels. The panels are usually taller than 6 feet. It also uses alternating panels across the both sides of the fence, making the inner side and the outer side of the fence look similar. This kind of vinyl fencing style is great for a big property or big house with large backyard and massive. The house should be at least two stories high to make sure that the house is still visible behind the tall fence.

  • Privacy Style

Privacy style vinyl fence is one of the most common style adopted by homeowners. This style of vinyl fencing, as the name suggests, gives excellent privacy for the homeowners. The panels of the fence can conceal the house from the roadway as the panels are around 4 feet or more. This style of vinyl fencing is grand and regal. That is why most vinyl fencing with privacy styles are completed by decorative latticework, commonly placed on the top of the fence.

  • Picket Style

Picket style is shorter than the other two vinyl fencing styles. It is usually less than 4 feet tall and does not resemble panels. It does not block the surrounding view entirely. However, it is still great to keep the pets or children in the yard. Picket style is famous to be used in southern-styled house. It gives rustic and beautiful look to the yard. Those are the things that people need to know about vinyl fence. Vinyl is indeed a useful material to be turned into fence. That is why this material should be every homeowner’s choice. However, if someone does not feel like using an entirely vinyl fence, they can use the vinyl or PVC to coat wooden panels or chain link fence, creating vinyl coated chain link fence, which is also great to make boundaries on the yard, just like vinyl fence.

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