The Pros and Cons of Chain Link Fence

Chain link fence is prominent as one of the strongest fencing options. Indeed, compared with wooden fencing, the fence made from chain link can last longer. However, longevity can only be achieved with proper maintenance. If you are now considering having chain link fence as the main fence of your house or as the fence your garden, you need to know the basic knowledge of this types of fence. Let’s start with the pros and cons. Down below, you will read some of the pros and cons of using chain link fence.

  1. The Pros of Chain Link Fencing

Chain link is popular as fencing option because there are so many good things about this type of fence. Basically, the fence is economical solution for those with limited budget and for those who do not want to spend a dime for maintenance. The more detailed information about the pros or the good things about chain link for fence can be read down below.

  • Very Affordable

Having a large yard or large garden will cost people a lot of money to surround the area with fence. However, by using chain link for fence, you do not need to worry about the budget. This kind of fence is very cost effective when it comes to cover larger area. The fence usually comes in rolls and can be bought with low price. The chain link fence cost, which is very affordable almost everywhere in the nation, is not going to drain your saving and yet still providing you with great strength of security.

  • Easy to Get

Besides being affordable, the chain link for fence can be bought easily as well. The chain link rolls are available in every hardware store. The chain link fence supplies, for DIY purpose, are also sold almost anywhere. If you want to make the fence fancier, the chain link fence accessories are not hard to get as well. This availability makes everyone has access to the fence, whether they live in the downtown or in the countryside. That is why the chain link is common to be seen basically anywhere.

  • Quick Installation

Chain link is unlike other types of fences. It already comes in rolls, sometimes in the form of chain link fence slats, and basically ready to use. Many people do not even need the help of professionals to put the fence to use. The post-installation procedure is also very simple and even nonexistent. It is because the fence made of chain link is designed to be used just the way it is. No cleaning or painting required after the installation. This is why the chain link fence installation cost is very little.

  • Low Maintenance

As stated before, after the chain link fence installation, maintenance is not heavily required. Yes, chain link for fence provides fencing option with low maintenance. The main material forming the chain link is metal wire. The wire is already underwent chemical process in the manufacturing to keep them from rust. That is why no additional coating or paint needed to prolong the life of the fence. If the fence is dirty because of grass and dirt from the ground, cleaning the fence will only require a bit of wash and wax. It will look brand new again in no time at all.

  • Better Safety and Security

Using the chain link fence gate provides safety and security at its finest. The chain-link fence is sturdy because it is made from steel wires. The wires are easily attached to the chain-link fence post planted in the ground to make the entire fencing system even sturdier. The fence is not easy to damage and strong enough to contains pets and children in the yards. That is why when it comes to safety and security, chain link for the fence is a better option than the rest types of fences.

  • Numerous Options of Appearance

The variety of chain link is quite numerous, thus widening the appearance options of the fence. The chain link fence can come in the color-coated option to make it more appealing. If you love the natural grayish-silvery steel color, you can coat the fence with translucent paint in order to make it glossier. The fence’s appearance can also be upgraded by adding wooden rails and wooden post, known as the California style. Chain link also comes in vinyl or PVC coat to gives it better look as well as keep the rust away.

  • Great Durability

It is quite obvious that fences made of chain link are considered to be extremely durable. Besides of that, they are also extremely adaptable to be used, even in area with extreme weather. When you use fences made of wooden panels, there will be staining required every a couple of years to prevent the wood from eventual rotting. With chain link, the fence will be more durable because the fence is made of steel. The chain link fence panels are less likely to be destroyed by extreme weather.

  • The Cons of Chain Link Fencing

Now you probably cannot wait to find out how to install chain link fence. However, you also need to know the cons of using this type of fence as well. That way, you will have a fair judgment about the fence because you have seen the bright side and the dark side. Below are the cons of chain link fencing.

  • The Risk of Being Climbed Over

One of the biggest disappointments when it comes to chain link is its height. The most common height for the fence is 4 feet. You can, of course, make it higher but it will require further procedures and more complicated installation. Because of the relatively low height, the fence can be easily climbed over. In order to prevent the fence from being climbed over is to give additional chain link fence parts, such as barbed wire, on the top of the fence. However, again, it needs more complicated installation.

  • Not-So-Sophisticated Appearance

Many homeowners, especially those owning fancy houses, sometimes resist the usage of chain link. It is because chain link fence kit does not fit the appearance of fancy, sophisticated houses. The regular fence made of chain link looks rustic, with the grayish color and rugged look. Even when the fence is styled with PVC coating or with wooden posts, the first impression of the fence is still rustic, instead of sophisticated.

  • Lack of Privacy

Unlike the wooden or metal panels, chain link is a see-through fence. You can still clearly see what happens on the other side of the fence. That is why this type of fence is not the greatest when it comes to privacy. In fact, the chain link fence privacy is very low. If you use this type of fence in the yard, people passing down the street can still see your house clearly. To keep away the prying eyes of strangers, adding chain link fence privacy slats is probably a good solution.

Those are everything you need to know about chain link fencing. Indeed, the fence has its own pros and cons. All you need to do is consider them all carefully before eventually selecting chain link fence as the way to give barrier to your property.

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